Workout – 20190424

I have been doing Strongman training since December, and while I’m in week 6 of my latest program, I decided to take this week off as I’m feeling a little bit beaten up. Additionally I decided last week that I would like to hit a 6 minute mile run, then within 5 minutes come back and nail a 600lb deadlift. So interval training is going to work its way back into my conditioning once I resume Strongman anyway. Not the best way to do Strongman, but I just do it for the challenge and enjoyment. I have no plans to compete.

Interval training is one of the best ways to build up your conditioning “engine”. This workout was a great way to get immersed back in.

Part 1 – Rowing

7 x 300m row

Take up to 1 minute to complete the 300m row, then rest for a minute. Repeat for 7 rounds.

Part 2 – Rogue Echo Bike

Take up to 1 minute to complete 20 calories, then rest for a minute. Repeat for 5 rounds.

Later today, I’ll do a ROMWOD to stay swole and flexy.

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